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"I have had lower back pain for many years and I went to Fast Track and went through their program and was on the golf course the day after my final treatment and have been good ever since. They give personalized care and care about their patients. "
Sep 27, 2017
"I have had low back and hip pain for nearly 30 years. I have seen numerous PT's and have had little success with my pain relief. After seeing Brian and Bridgett 3 times, I have now been pain-free for over 6 weeks with a simple home exercise program. I'm looking forward to the golf season this spring. "
Mar 14, 2017

To the staff at Fast Track Physical Therapy, I just wanted to say, “Thank you for helping me gain strength and range of motion after my foot surgery. Everyone has been super nice and the atmosphere has been relaxing as well as therapeutic. A special thanks to Bob for your great skills and delightful manner. You are all great and I would like to show my appreciation with this little song.

Judy G.

My doctor sent me to therapy at Fast Track Physical Therapy for pain in my lower back and down my left leg. After having treatment, I am pain free. Amie, and my therapist Brian and Bob are very professional and knowledgeable. They worked hard at finding out what my problem was and getting me pain free. God bless all of them. They are doing a wonderful service.

Norma, Danville IN

The dry needling therapy we did yesterday has made a huge difference in my neck ad shoulders. Also I can tell a huge difference in my chest pain that must have been coming from my rib case. This is the first time in a long time I don’t have sharp pain in my chest through to my back and a stiff, throbbing, burning neck! I just wanted to let you know how wonderful I feel. Thank you!!

At first I was skeptical when the technique was explained to me. How do you treat a sore pulled muscle without medication?

After the first treatment I noticed a difference; movement was easier and less sore. By the second treatment, I was convinced. My sore, aching shoulder for the last 3-4 months was not hurting anymore.

I regained full range of motion without the drug phase or fog to get comfort & relief, in only a few short weeks. Thank you, Brian & staff & Fast Track.

Candace S.

All I can say this morning is: Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

You have no idea what a wonderful feeling this is to wake up and feel so good. I just don’t know what to do with this feeling! I am so ecstatically happy about it, I could just burst! I am almost completely pain-free in the lower back.

I will admit, when you mentioned this dry needling, I had some serious doubts. Did the research and still had doubts, but was willing to try anything. Believe me, Brian, when I say I am so glad I did. You actually saved me from surgery and I owe you.

Barb H.

My first visit I had dry needle applied along with exercise and deep heat. I found immediate relied. Second dry needle took all the pain away and movement in my shoulder muscle was almost back to normal. I would recommend it to anyone in pain.

Virginia B.

Fast Track is definitely the ‘full package’. The team works like a well oiled machine. The attention to the needs of the client is paramount. I have received the best P.T. care in my opinion. Brian + the whole team work to get every possible benefit to the client for recovery. Thanks

Lynn V.

Shoulder pain; decreased range of motion + weakness describes me a few months ago.

When Brian suggested Dry Needling, I was a little unsure, but trusted his knowledge & judgement to allow it. Dry Needling combined with other therapies + exercises have provided excellent results.

Dry Needling also took care of some lingering Plantar Fasciitis heel pain allowing me to resume Zumba + Cardio workouts.

Marjorie H.

Excellent. The needling gave me longer lasting pain relied and the pain is less intense. Would recommend for someone who has tried other forms of therapy without results.

Anna H.

At first I was skeptical when the technique was explained to me. How do you treat a sore pilled muscle without medication?

After the first treatment I noticed a difference; movement was easier and less pain. By the second treat I was convinced. My sore, aching shoulder for the last 3-4 months was not hurting anymore.

I regained full range of motion without the drug phase on fog to get comfort + relief, in only a few short weeks. Thank you Brian & staff @ Fast Track.

Candace S.

Absolutely love Fast Track Physical Therapy!!! Finally feel like I’m getting somewhere after months of pain. Highly recommend Fast Track in Avon.

E. Reader

Simply amazing. Brian us very motivational to get you back to feeling 100% better. The entire staff is wonderful.

If you haven’t tried DRY NEEDLING, you must. My constant elbow pain went away after 1 treatment. I am on my way to a full recovery.

Liz T.

Fast Track had been recommended by a relative. I had suffered with leg and hip pain for months from a pinched sciatic nerve; medications failed to help. After browsing the website and seeing how qualified the therapists are, I felt confident making an appointment. Bridgette first did a full analysis of my problem, then outlined a course of treatment. I feel like the combination of dry needling and exercises was extremely helpful. After one month, my pain was nearly gone. After three months, I was released from treatment pain free. I was treated by four of the therapists over the course of treatment. They are all highly qualified and very caring, as is the support staff. I’m so glad that I came here.

Shelley P.

When I walked into Fast Track Therapy, I “limped” in, a very bitter women. I felt like the whole medical profession had failed me. I had knee surgery due to a meniscus tear, rehab that really wasn’t rehab, and a doctor who wouldn’t listen to me, which resulted in a fracture of my tibia. When I met Matt, the first words out of his mouth was, “Tell me your story”, I did and he listened! He didn’t know if he’d be able to help me or not but he wanted to try. It was intense, but well worth it. We even worked through a sciatic nerve issue along the way. Now, after 6 month off work, I’m happy to say I’m back at work and loving every minute of it. I couldn’t have done it without Matt and the rest of the crew at Fast Track Therapy.

Rose R.

Over the years I have tried many thing to try to become pain free, however, nothing worked. I went to doctors, chiropractors, and massage therapists, but none of that made a difference, until I came to Fast Track. I absolutely love the atmosphere here. It’s amazing how everyone here is so kind, compassionate, and professional. You can tell by the way they treat you that they don’t look at you as “just another patient”. The other places I tried therapy at didn’t pay attention to me like they do here. Everything about Fast Track is different, and they really worked hard to find the source of my pain. For the first time in years I am pain free. Thank you so much Fast Track!

Christine H.

I would like to thank Sara and Fast Track Therapy for my quick recovery! I had a total hip replacement on July 8th. I started my therapy on August 2nd, and with Sara’s help and great exercises I was released on August 9th. Sara gave me the confidence to do more than I thought I was able to do. She also addressed my knee when it got sore from exercising. She fixed the knee too. I am continuing with my exercises at home and getting stronger every single day thanks to Sara and the rest of Fast Track.

-Susan M.

I am very pleased with the help I was given during my time at Fast Track. I was in pain most of the time prior to coming to Fast Track. I am now 97% pain free. I owe this to the professional therapist assigned to me, especially Sara. I would recommend her to help anyone. I really enjoyed my time exercising at Fast Track.

John S.

When I first started physical therapy for my shoulder replacement, I was quite nervous. I hadn’t moved my new joint in 7 weeks after the surgery, and had heard quite a few stories about how painful it was going to be. The first time Bridgette evaluated my shoulder and moved my arm, I was expecting the worst, but her confidence and knowledge of my condition, showed me that I could move my arm without the pain. This really boosted my confidence and encouraged me to continue. Bridgette was always positive and very encouraging. She pushed me, and that is what I needed to help me regain strength and range of motion. Throughout the process, Bridgette demonstrated her knowledge of my condition and provided me with both insight as to why we were doing the exercises and advice on ways to help ease the pain and gain more range of motion. The entire staff at Fast Track Physical Therapy was extremely helpful and compassionate, and everyone I came into contact with always had a smile and would often ask how I was progressing, even if they were not helping me. I have made far faster progress and gained much more range of motion than I ever expected. When I finished with my treatments, I was able to move my arm from 0 to 165 degrees range of motion relatively pain free, which is more than the doctor had prescribed. I really appreciate the overall experience and am very thankful to everybody at Fast Track Physical Therapy that has helped me along the way.

Brian F.

I hurt my shoulder at the gym and put off getting it looked at for a couple of weeks. Eventually, it got to the point that I couldn’t write without it hurting. When the doctor told me that physical therapy was my best bet, I was dreading it. Meghan and the whole team made the whole experience awesome though. I came in twice a week for a month and was always excited to show everyone my progress. Now, my shoulder is finally feeling like it should again, and I’m back in the gym pain free!

Brianna A

First off I want to “THANK YOU” for making my physical therapy and journey the last 6 months wonderful. On Feb. 10th, 2016 I went in to have a total reconstruction done on my right shoulder, surgery went well and the doctor said I was to start physical therapy the next day. I was surprised to hear so soon, but I knew I had that covered when my youngest daughter was receiving physical therapy herself at the time. With no hesitation my daughter was on the phone setting up my appointment with Fast Track. On Feb. 11th, 2016 I was walking through the doors of a place I was not familiar with but I knew I was at an awesome place because of my daughters’ referral. As I walked in I was greeted with a welcome smile, from that day forward I have been treated with such special care from the outstanding staff. For the last 6 months I have spent 2 days a week traveling from Monrovia, Indiana to receive my physical therapy from the staff at Fast Track. On Aug 18th, I was released and able to get back to my regular activities. I can’t express how grateful I am in receiving the wonderful care I received in the time I spent with pretty much all of the staff. Everyone is so caring and friendly that I feel I have made friendships for a life time. As my journey has come to an end, I know their wonderful care to their new and returning patients will continue on as my wife Donna received physical therapy from them as well. Once again I can’t “THANK YOU” enough for your wonderful care and friendship.

Albert (Rockie) L.