Dry Needling

If you are looking for dry needling in Indianapolis, we can help. Dry Needling is considered to be an extremely effective technique in reducing muscle tension and pain, increasing motion, and promoting increased function within muscles. Our therapists are the most experienced and the most certified therapists in Dry Needling in Indiana. This technique is just one of many physical therapy treatments and modalities that we offer. While this method does use a very fine needle, it is not based off of traditional Chinese medicine. Instead, the needle is used to deeply treat muscles and “deactivate” or “shut down” a painful knotted area or trigger point within muscles.

When a muscle spasms and tightens, it can lead to irritation and compression of the nerves. Irritated nerves send out a protective spasm to all of the muscles to which they are connected. This can lead to decreased mobility and pain in the area. Many of us have areas in our body that constantly feel tense or have what feels like a hard ball within the muscle. This type of treatment involves inserting fine needles into these tight areas, which elicits a brief contraction or “twitch response” followed by an immediate and long-lasting feeling of relaxation. This deep treatment can help patients achieve amazing pain relief they never thought possible.

Benefits of Dry Needling:

  • Accelerates return to active rehabilitation
  • Desensitizes super sensitive structures
  • Normalizes biochemical electrical dysfunction of motor end plates
  • Pain Control
  • Promotes healing response in tissue
  • Reduces muscle tension
  • Restores / Increases motion and function
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Will Dry Needling help me?

If you like the results of massage therapy but are disappointed when your discomfort returns, Dry Needling may be a great way for you to receive more long-lasting relief. Unlike other types of bodywork, Dry Needling can treat nearly any muscle in the body, and at depths other treatments are unable to reach. Dry Needling is a great way to complement your massage therapy treatments, because it allows us to get rid of the deep knots and tension points that are unreachable during a massage.

If you are newly injured, swollen, and have acute pain, Dry Needling is not appropriate. Additionally, patients with excessively loose joints may not be appropriate candidates for this type of treatment. An evaluation will help us determine if you are a good candidate for Dry Needling.

Does the needle hurt?

Acupuncture needles are very fine and solid compared to a hollow injection needle, which means they do not hurt as much. Patients report sensations of soreness, pressure, releasing, and deep aching. The needle is left in just long enough to relax your muscle, which is a short period of time. In order to return the muscle to its normal, relaxed state, the procedure is repeated in different areas. There is some discomfort because we treat sensitive areas. However, it is well worth tolerating considering the long-term relief Dry Needling treatment provides.

How will I feel after Dry Needling?

After receiving dry needle treatments your muscle may feel fatigued. Soreness can last from a few hours to 1 to 3 days, but it should not interfere with your everyday activities. We encourage you to drink lots of water and be active during this time to keep the soreness to a minimum. Applying heat to your sore muscles may help to minimize soreness. You may experience less pain and tightness after a day or so.

How does dry needling fit into my overall treatment plan at Fast Track Physical Therapy?

When used in conjunction with other physical therapy techniques, dry needling is most effective. Dry needling is another treatment tool, just like therapeutic exercise, spinal traction, other manual therapy techniques, and various modalities. It is often useful early in treatment to help break the pain cycle. Clients looking for dry needing in Indianapolis should consider trying it with the most experienced in the state of Indiana at Fast Track Physical Therapy.

For The Most Experienced, Dry Needling Techniques In The State of Indiana, Call Fast Track Physical Therapy Today!

Fast Track Physical Therapy is dedicated to providing comprehensive, individualized care for patients across Hendricks County and the Greater Indianapolis area. All of our physical therapists are certified in dry needling treatments, in addition to many other certifications and techniques.

Beyond our expertise, there is also great clinical research to support the use of dry needling in your treatment plan.  Consider this clinic study: Very low-quality to moderate-quality evidence suggests that dry needling performed by physical therapists is more effective than no treatment, sham dry needling, and other treatments for reducing pain and improving pressure pain threshold in patients presenting with musculoskeletal pain in the immediate to 12-week follow-up period.  Reference: Click here

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