Patient Reviews

  • Neck

    I must say I was skeptical at first when my doctor wanted me to try dry needling. But, after several visits, Bridgette was able to pinpoint the main issue and now my neck pain is gone. All the personalized services I received at Fast Track have helped me so much! I love the staff, and everyone is very professional and pleasant to work with. They made the experience enjoyable and I felt like I received exercises and treatments just for me. Thank you so much Bridgette for helping me understand what I have been doing wrong for so long and to the staff for putting up with me so early in the morning. I look forward to my morning boot camp exercises thanks to Fast Track!

    Donna K.

    When I first started therapy, my arms would go numb at night. Lesley did dry needling on my neck and shoulders, and that took the numbness away. We did strengthening exercises and stretches and those helped too! I worked with Lesley and enjoyed out time together. I have been a patient at Fast Track for years. They are family, not just my therapists.

    Mary B.

    When I first came into Fast Track, I was having significant neck and upper back pain. My husband had great success coming to Fast Track (who also worked with Bridgette) and he suggested I come in as well. I met with Bridgette 2 times a week for 6 weeks. Between exercises, needling, laser, hypervolt and ultrasound, I’m walking out of my last appointment feeling worlds better! I’m very grateful for all of the techs that worked with me and for the excellent care/treatment I received. I hope I never have to come back, but if I do, I have no doubt that I’ll be feeling great in no time. Thank you, Bridgette, for working diligently to get me back to normal and making my experience fun at the same time

    Sara M.

    I am so thankful to you all for my recovery. When I first came in for several things wrong with my neck, including bone spurs, a herniated disc-which was pushing on my spinal cord, I was a mess. I was in a lot of pain. I could not do everyday activities: laundry, dishes, changing the bed etc without much pain and dizziness and feeling sick to my stomach. Thanks to my therapist Bridgette and the others who assisted, Emily, Kelsi, Bob and Lesley, I am much better! I can now do everyday things without much pain. Thank you for your patience, kindness, and sticking with me. You saved me from surgery and I am very thankful for that! Fast Track is the best therapy place I have been to! You are all awesome, thanks again!

    Amy D.

    I came in with horrible pain in my neck. I had been to 4 different doctors and the 4th doctor referred me to Fast Track. The pain in my neck was a mystery. Sara and Lesley figured it out and worked wonders. I’ve had this pain for over 9 months. I can proudly say these girls fixed the problem and I am PAIN FREE! Thank you so much!

    Jessica C.

    When I came to Fast Track Physical Therapy, I had been in bed for four weeks with unbearable pain in my right neck, shoulder and arm. My doctor, Eric Hewitt, suggested Dry Needling which kind of freaked me out a little bit because I had never heard of it! But, being in so much terrible pain in my neck, shoulder and right arm, I was willing to try anything at this point! After the first dry needling session, I could immediately feel the difference. Now, after four treatments, I feel great! Everyone here is so nice and friendly that I never felt strange about coming into a new place. I want to thank everyone, especially Bridgette, for the Dry Needling. It feels so great to feel great again!

    Katherine S.

    I came to Fast Track Therapy because I was having strange pains in my neck that I could not get rid of. I worked with Kelsi, along with others to get assessed. Turns out I have really bad posture that caused problems with my range of motion in my neck. We have gone through multiple sessions as well as adding exercises for me to do at home. After it all, I feel amazing; 300% better than when I first came! appreciate how nice and fun everyone was to be around at Fast Track. I’m tempted to stop working on my posture to come back for more visits! (joking!) Thanks to everyone, I will miss you all!

    Michael "Muffin"

    The dry needling therapy we did yesterday has made a huge difference in my neck and shoulders. Also I can tell a huge difference in my chest pain that must have been coming from my rib case. This is the first time in a long time I don’t have sharp pain in my chest through to my back and a stiff, throbbing, burning neck! I just wanted to let you know how wonderful I feel. Thank you!! At first I was skeptical when the technique was explained to me. How do you treat a sore pulled muscle without medication? After the first treatment I noticed a difference; movement was easier and less sore. By the second treatment, I was convinced. My sore, aching shoulder for the last 3-4 months was not hurting anymore.


    When I first started therapy at Fast Track, I could barely walk and was in a great deal of pain. After a few sessions, I began the dry needling, which I feel was very beneficial. After about 3 months of bi-weekly visits, my pain was almost non-existent! Now I can resume my everyday activities with little to no pain. The treatments I received at Fast Track were very beneficial. The staff is amazing too! Lauren and Sara got me back to feeling like my old self again!

    Kerry M.

    Having had >20 years of chronic neck and back pain and multiple treatments with drugs, seeing a chiropractor, trying physical therapy, getting injections for pain, along with feeling stiffness and having limited range of motion, I did not have the ability to do strenuous household chores and the fun things I wanted to. I came across a free workshop Fast Track was hosting and I thought, “it couldn’t hurt?!” Well, it turned out to be the best experience I’ve ever had! Everyone is professional, warm, caring and very knowledgeable. The modalities used brought sooooooo much improvement! At first I thought it would just be the same routine as any other physical therapy I have tried but I quickly saw improvement right away. I have even noticed my recovery time after my appointments is immediate and I have not had to take any drugs for pain! I thank each and every one of you from the front desk to Brian, himself.


    I just want to say when I first came here, I was in so much pain in my neck and arm, it was unbearable. I knew it was going to take a lot of work for me to feel better, but with their help it was possible. I am now pain free. The staff was wonderful. I would recommend them 100%. Thank you all!

    Corina E.

    At first, I had pain in my neck and left shoulder. I had difficulty lifting any weight with my left arm, and it was painful turning my head. Lesley and the entire Fast Track team were great in educating me on the importance of postural position and the exercise they recommended helped a great deal. The massage and e-stem were also helpful and felt great! In just a matter of a few weeks, I had regained the pain free movement of my neck and use of my shoulder. I’d recommend Fast Track to anyone in need of PT!

    Mary C.

    When I first came to Fast Track, I wasn’t sleeping well due to neck pain. Bridgette worked with me and gave me several exercises and stretches to do at home. I have degenerative arthritis in my cervical spine and I know that as long as I’m doing my therapy at home, I am sleeping well. I returned to Fast Track with lower back pain, most likely due to spinal stenosis. Lesley worked with me an gave me exercises and stretches to do at home. Now I feel stronger and walk further than I could before therapy. I would recommend Fast Track Physical Therapy to anyone having painful issues. The staff is superb!

    Beverly E.

    When I first started therapy, I was in so much pain that I couldn’t sleep or do my daily activities. I was so relieved after one day of coming to therapy! After my first day, I had some relief in my neck that I thought would not be possible, but it was! Kelsi is a wonderful person and therapist. She has walked me through every step of this recovery process, and I am so grateful for her and the Fast Track team! Leslie and Sara were also a huge help to me and I greatly appreciate their help and support. My experience here was fantastic and I can’t thank them enough!

    Samantha S.

    I had been dealing with a stiff and sore neck for years. I had resigned myself to believe that it would just be something I would deal with for life. After I learned about Fast Track and the services they offered, I figured I had nothing to lose. I began therapy with Bridgette. It didn’t take long for me to begin noticing results. I now can say that I no longer have chronic stiffness and even when I feel a little stiffness setting in, I am now equipped with the exercises to manage it on my own. I am very grateful for my time here. Every staff member I have worked with has been fantastic!

    Traci F

    I came to Fast Track because of pain and numbness in my right arm. I have previously been to a different physical therapy program for one month with no change in results. From the first day of coming to Fast Track, I was very impressed and saw improvement within a couple of weeks. After a month and a half, my symptoms have improved immensely. I am very grateful for everyone at Fast Track who helped me get better. I am very grateful!

    Shawna P.

    When I came to Fast Track, I had a lot of neck and upper back pain, making it difficult to sleep. I had been going to the chiropractor for 7 months with improvement, but I was not where I wanted to be with pain. Bridgette was fantastic and the needling and the exercises were just what I needed to get almost constant relief from neck pain. I appreciate Bridgette’s expertise in neck and jaw pain. She is an expert in this field! Thanks Bridgette and Fast Track for all of your help!!

    Julie T.

    When I first came to Fast Track, I had stiffness and poor range of motion in my neck. After several years of just dealing with it, I asked my doctor to prescribe me to physical therapy. I have been coming for the last 6 weeks and now, I can say that I have better range of motion and less stiffness, which leads me to more productive days at home and at work. I want to thank Fast Track for their excellent help in getting me back to feeling great!

    Gerald G.

    I started physical therapy on August 27th, 2019. I had severe whiplash with pain in my neck, shoulders and upper back. I received therapy over a period of 4 months, working with my physical therapist, Bridgette Love. She, along with other members of the Fast Track staff, took time with exercises, dry needling, and ultrasound to help me with the recovery process. My experience with Fast Track has been truly amazing. They really care about their patients. I would highly recommend Fast Track Physical Therapy for anything you have going on!

    Edward H.

    When I first came into Fast Track, I was experiencing right side neck and shoulder pain, which made it difficult to do my desk job. Lesley evaluated me and created an exercise routine for me that strengthened my neck and shoulders quickly. I saw improvements at work within the first week! Lesley and Sara worked well communicating together on my progress and I enjoyed both of their therapy and hands-on approaches. All the techs are personable and seem to enjoy their jobs which is so refreshing! My overall experience at Fast Track Physical Therapy was incredibly better than the last time I had physical therapy at a different company. Thank you, Brian and Amie, for your dedication to your field and career, it is much appreciated!

    Carol S.